Directional Drilling

At Accu-Bore, we utilize directional drilling technology, which allows us to use a drill to precisely and safely install product pipe for a variety of utilities. With the help of other monitoring technology and a locating device on the front of the drill head, we’re able to accurately control the direction and depth of the drill to create a pilot bore, which can then be enlarged as necessary to accommodate the appropriate product pipe.

Why do we use directional drilling?

First and foremost, directional drilling is a safer and less expensive option than open excavation. It allows for accuracy and foresight that isn’t always available with other methods. In addition, directional drilling is the more environmentally friendly approach. We value that this method reduces our overall carbon footprint, and we have also put in place a number of stipulations that make our operation “greener.” Accu-Bore uses bio diesel fuel, recycled or nonpotable water, and adheres strictly to California’s stormwater best management practices. We also recycle drilling waste and retain concrete and asphalt for reuse whenever possible.